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Useful Gadget of the Week: Dimmable Megaman 6 Watt GU10 LED Bulbs

You could spend days trawling on-line forums reading opinions on LED light bulbs. There’s such a vast range of quality, price and colours to look at, and that’s before you get into dimming performance. Some time ago I asked an installer friend to recommend a bulb for us to replace the halogen GU10’s in our kitchen. From his […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender

Part of the attraction of the Z-Wave system is its ‘Mesh Network’ capability. Each wireless device can act like a little repeater, receiving packets not meant for it but passing them on, hence growing the effecting range of the originating device and helping the message get through. However there can still be areas around your home where […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Smartphone Car Mount

Since getting my big-ass phone (update: I’ll never go back to a smaller screen) I needed something suitable to hold it in my car. My affliction with always trying to get the best tool for the job means I have to research these things to the nth degree, but I’m glad I did as there’s a […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Inateck BR1001 Bluetooth Receiver

Inateck sent us one of these little Bluetooth receivers to check out and it could just be the gadget you’re looking for to breath new life into your old HiFi or have your headphones in less of a tangle. The Inateck BR1001 is a tiny 4cm square Bluetooth 3.0 receiver. It ships with a nice short 10cm Micro USB charging […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Inateck 3 Port USB 3 Hub with Gigabit Ethernet

The Inatech HBU3VL3-4 is a little (110 x 32 x 20mm) 3 port USB 3.0 hub that incorporates an RJ45 socket for Gigabit Ethernet. Aimed squarely at the ultrabook user the short 30cm cable is a welcomed way to keep on-dek clutter to a minimum, although you’ll probably need a USB extension lead to use with […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Remote Control Colour Changing LED Light Bulb

Here’s a gadget that could be a hit over the holidays.  The Auraglow is an inexpensive remote control colour changing 10W LED lightbulb that’s available in B22 Bayonet or E27 Screw fittings. Tell yourself you bought it for its energy-saving properties, then burn it all night changing colours (and moods) as you please. While there are […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: SleepPhones Headphones for Bed

It’s not often that something soft and fluffy makes it to the gadget of the week section but bear with me. I love podcasts (I even used to make some) and I listen a lot of them in bed. I’ve used in-ear buds and my trusty wireless Sennheiser headphones, but neither are anything approaching comfortable to wear in bed. […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Belkin Energy Saving Socket with Timer

Yes, the home automator in you is going to look at this and protest.  Yes you could do this with a Z-Wave socket or whatever and a home automation controller and some of your finest logic scripting. But sometimes the KISS principal is best obeyed and simple is often better for members of the family who […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Bluetooth Suction Speaker for Bathroom Bliss

  A few years ago we added a Sonos zone to our bathroom.  It’s still performing brilliantly and as most owners will tell you once you have one Sonos zone you’ll soon want more. But if you’re looking for an inexpensive way of playing some music or podcasts in the shower in the morning then […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: EasyAcc 5 Port 25W USB Charger

Submission by Tim Fletcher – You know that irritating situation when you know exactly what you want but can’t find it anywhere, well that is the problem with travel chargers. It’s not difficult, but I want a small, cool unit that will charge the 3 or 4 devices I take away with me when travelling […]