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Useful Gadget of the Week: AUKEY PB-T10 20,000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 USB Battery Charger

Aukey sent us their new PB-T10 PowerAll External Battery Charger and with several family members that can run a smartphone flat before lunch time, there were no shortage of volunteers to take it for a test drive. The PB-T10 is one of the larger USB batteries available at a 20,000mAh. That’s good enough ti fully charge an iPhone […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: ZUS Smart USB Car Charger & Car Finder

The guys from Zus sent us one of these interesting little gadgets and we’ve been testing it for a while now. The dual function Zus started life as an IndieGoGo crowd funded project that reached an impressive 2500% of its goal. 1. USB Charger Zus is a USB charger for your car that sits in the cigarette / […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: 8 Way Mains Socket with 4 x USB Charging Ports

Here’s a neat vertical extension block of 8 mains sockets plus 4 USB charging ports. Available in a range of colours that make it equally at home in a kitchen or man cave. The Safemore unit features… 8 Overload-protected outlets include SAFE DOOR which will protect children from getting an electric shock 4 Universal USB ports with auto-adjust […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Edision HDMI Modulator Distributes HD Over Coax

A while back we covered this eye-wateringly expensive option to modulate HD signals over your home’s existing coax cables. But now there’s a more affordable choice… The Edision HDMI Modulator distributes full HD over an existing coax network so it can be used as an HDMI modulator to convert the output from say your Sky box, Blu-ray player, Apple TV or […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: HDMI Extender + IR Remote Over Single CAT6

Here’s an interesting unit that will send 1080P plus an IR remote control signal at least 60 metres over a single CAT6 or similar cable. Supports 1080P HD, HD Audio, 3D; 20~60KHz wide Frequency, IR remote control(IR Signal input to connect with IR receiver extension cable. HDMI Single cable transmission:It extends HDMI 1080P AV signal to at least 60M […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Bit of a change of from the norm this week, and in danger of entering the world of interior design! The guys from Inateck sent us one of their new Tomons DL1001 adjustable lamps to take a look. The unit arrived folded up into quite a neat box and required some minor assembly, 3 wing nuts to do […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Energenie 30 Minute Run Down Timer Plug

Over complicating stuff can be something of a habit with some home automators but sometimes the KISS principal is best observed. Here’s a gadget that should be a cheaper and more reliable way of automatically turning off those devices we always worry about leaving on… The Rundown Timer is perfect for those of us who leave the […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: 19-Inch Rack Vertical Wall Mount Bracket

I needed a 24 port switch mounted in a tight space against a wall recently and got this useful bracket to do the job. The StarTech 19-Inch Steel Vertical Wall Mount Equipment Rack Bracket (RK119WALLV) allows network devices, power strips and patch panels etc to be mounted vertically against a wall to save space. It can also […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Belkin Mains Multi Surge + USB Charging Ports

A.B.C. Always Be Charging. We’re always on the lookout for good charging tech. Here’s a range of Belkin surge protectors that are available with either 1, 2 or 8 mains sockets plus 2 built in USB charging ports (2.4 amps shared). The 2-way unit looks particularly hotel-room friendly (checkout our Essential Travel Tech), and should be ideal for your […]

Useful Gadget of the Week: Dimmable Megaman 6 Watt GU10 LED Bulbs

You could spend days trawling on-line forums reading opinions on LED light bulbs. There’s such a vast range of quality, price and colours to look at, and that’s before you get into dimming performance. Some time ago I asked an installer friend to recommend a bulb for us to replace the halogen GU10’s in our kitchen. From his […]