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Devolo Home Control Review Part 4 – Smart Home Heating

Welcome to the fourth part in our Devolo Home Control system. In this instalment we are going to review the heating control components, a TRV replacement actuator and a wall mounted thermostat. This area of application should be one of the easier ones to justify in a smart home. It can increase your comfort levels […]

Devolo Home Control Review Part 3 – Safety & Security

Welcome to the third instalment of our review of the Devolo Home Control range. So far we have the starter pack up running with some additional motion detection and switching capabilities. We have tested many aspects of the myDevolo app, adding devices, creating groups, rules and scenes. We will now look at the safety and security […]

Devolo Home Control Review Part 2 – Motion Detection and Switching

Building on the Starter pack it is natural to extend the scope of the system by adding some additional devices and Devolo have provided a good range of options. Motion detection One of the next most obvious additions is the Motion Detector (Art No: 9503) that costs around £50. The first thing that strikes us is […]

Devolo Home Control Review Part 1 – Starter Pack

Interested in having a ‘smart home’? Want to do more than just switch a few lights on and off? Want to save energy and cut down on your electric and fuel bills? Want a higher level of convenience and security for your home? Well Devolo think they might have the answer and it’s called Home […]

In Depth Review of New Devolo Z-Wave Home Control System

The guys at Vesternet have just publish a huge in depth review of the brand new Devolo Smart Home Control System. The range is made up of a new Z-Wave Plus controller and a variety of re-badged Z-Wave devices running Devolo’s own firmware. Uniquely the central controller has built in Powerline tech meaning it doesn’t have to be […]

Top 20 Automated Home Posts of the Year 2016

2016 has been an interesting year, even the complicated world of Smarthome tech has been easier to follow than the politics. Before we start, here’s a special mention for Paul Gale’s guest post on using a Raspberry Pi to integrate SmartThings and Homebridge for Apple HomeKit and Siri control of a Christmas lighting and media setup. Also a […]

The Best Mac Home Automation Platform Gets Even Better with Indigo v7 Release

The guys at Indigo Domotics have been working hard for more than a year on their latest release and earlier this week they launched v7. Indigo 7 has dropped the ‘Lite’ option as it goes all ‘Pro’. The developers have clearly identified that the strength of the system is in its ability to integrate a variety of evolving smart […]