AlertMe v2.0 to Bring Energy Monitoring plus CCTV

AlertMe v2.0

AlertMe – the innovative UK based smart home security system based on Zigbee technology – is taking another step forward with the details of v2.0 of their software.  Read on for the summary and link to the demo system.

“Our next release is on its way, and will be jam-packed full of exciting new features, including functionality to enable you to use the new SmartPlugs. But we know many of you are dying to know more about the new release, so here is a taster:

Energy : You will be able to monitor how much electricity an appliance plugged into the SmartPlug is using, as well as being able to control those appliances remotely.

PanicPanic button : It will be possible to configure your doorbell to use as a panic button, so just one press of the button can send an SMS to a friend.

Action chooser
: You will be able to configure the system to your needs which brings with it much more flexibility – for example, you can decide ‘When somebody presses the doorbell, send me an SMS’, or ‘When I enter Night
Mode, switch on the upstairs lamp’.

: This will allow you to set up actions for any sensor triggers – for example, you could make your hub chime when somebody walks through the door or opens a window.

Camera : This release will also include camera functionality, in preparation for the release of AlertMe webcams which are currently in the final stages of development.

To see a demo of how AlertMe 2.0 works then visit

In addition AlertMe say their first batch of SmartPlugs is expected to be on sale towards the end of January.  They are currently offering 10% discount to anyone pre-orderig before 31st January 2009.

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