LinuxMCE 0704 Released



Linux Media Center Edition 0704 has just been released, complete with a new walk-through video showing how to install and use the system…

"LinuxMCE 0704 is a major improvement over the original 1.0 release. According to a poll, 86% now report LinuxMCE installs and starts up without problems, versus 27% with the original release.

There's a new demo Video that's much more polished and is actually a full walk-through you can follow starting with a clean PC, showing all setup, and all the major features.

All major features are now working. LinuxMCE is integrated into the KDE desktop and runs on Kubuntu Feisty 0704. The installer is completely redone, and there are now 2 versions.

The CD installer, which comes on 2 cd's and installs on top of a clean Kubuntu install, or the new DVD installer which only requires key presses and setups up your hard drive and installs Kubuntu with LinuxMCE in about 20 minutes.



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