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Show AH0014 features an interview with Matt Bendiksen from Perceptive Automation. We talk about their home automation software solution for the Mac – Indigo.  Even if you’re not a OS X user there’s plenty of interesting chat including the differences between X10 and Insteon hardware, what it’s like being a developer of a home automation system and the potential of the iPhone and iPod touch as a smart home controller.

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Featured Interview – Matt Bendiksen of PerceptiveAutomation.com

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One Response to “AH0014 – Perceptive Automation”

  1. This is so great, I never knew it existed. I got the link from smarthome.com’s forums under topic of UK availability of hardware. This whole world is something I have been interested in since I heard about Microsofts efforts to realise it with their eHome division, since dissolved no doubt (until it becomes popular with Apple).

    Anyway this was a great PodCast, very informative, I don’t normally listen to podcasts but shall make an exception for this emerging sector.

    Thanks very much, a Mac solution in a world of Windows. It would be nice to get a lot more info on what’s going to be hitting the UK with regard to this technology!