Smartbel Directs Your Door Bell to Your Mobile Phone

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Here’s a new system that accomplishes an often requested smart home task, that is connecting a caller at your front door to wherever you are in the world via your mobile phone (or landline).  Of course the visitor ringing your door bell is unaware that you are out, so this can be good for security as well as a useful way to accept or redirect deliveries.  It’s also useful for older or disabled people that can’t easily answer their door.  The unit launches this week for around £130 complete with a SIM card and the first years airtime included.  Full details in the PR below.

Smart technology ready to answer the call and banish cold callers – With figures showing that complaints about cold callers are reaching record highs, a brand new piece of technology, being launched by leading safety product manufacturer, Fireco Ltd, could help to reduce the onslaught.

According to the latest data from Consumer Direct and Citizens Advice, between January and September this year, 36,000 complaints were made regarding invited doorstep sellers and just under 8,000 received for uninvited doorstep traders.

Smartbel is an intelligent doorbell, which once pressed links to a mobile or landline phone meaning that people and businesses can talk to their visitors without having to answer the door.

Having been picked up by prominent telecoms company, Commtel Innovate, Smartbel was invented by 13-year- old schoolboy, Laurence Rook, after his mum voiced her frustration about having to continually go to the post office to pick up parcels which had been delivered when no one was at home.

As well as being able to keep cold callers at bay and direct a parcel to an alternative delivery address, the product has many other benefits including being able to talk to visitors quickly if suffering from mobility difficulties and also acting as a deterrent to potential intruders.  Wesley Kent, Sales & Marketing Director at Fireco, the main Smartbel distributor, commented:

“These benefits make Smartbel not only an excellent product for the home but also various different industry sectors such as education, care and leisure and is already proving to be in high demand with 5,000 having been ordered. Fireco products all have safety at the forefront, so as well as the convenience aspect of Smartbel, the added security benefits make it a great fit for us, and we are delighted to be the main Smartbel distributor.”

Smartbel launches on Saturday 15th December and operates using a sim card and existing mobile phone technology. It retails at a cost of £129.99, which is considerably less than other similar products on the market. This cost includes the first 12 months of airtime, which is an exclusive offer from Fireco Ltd.   :   Available from Amazon

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