New Danfoss LC13 Z-Wave Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Danfoss LC13 Z-Wave Radiator Thermostat

Danfoss have launched a new version of their Z-Wave Radiator Thermostat. The £60 LC13 TRV has upgraded firmware for improved network range and resolves an issue with Vera home automation controllers…

Danfoss has released a new Z-Wave Radiator Thermostat (TRV) for 2014. The Danfoss LC-13 (014G0013) has all the features of the previous version but has updated firmware based the new Z-Wave v4.5 SDK.

The new firmware means that the Danfoss TRV has better Z-Wave network stability and increased wireless range. These firmware enhancements resolve the recent issues with controllers such as VERA, where the TRV entered ‘Panic’ mode and stopped communicating with the Z-Wave network. The solution to this issue was to downgrade VERA to a previous version of Z-Wave firmware. The new version of the Danfoss TRV resolves this issue, enabling you to continue using the VERA’s latest version of firmware.

The Danfoss TRV enables you to control the temperature of any radiator, it includes adapters so that it can be fitted to almost all standard radiators. You can then control the setpoint (the temperature at which the radiator is On/Off) wirelessly via Z-Wave or manual using the buttons and LCD on the TRV.  :  Available from Vesternet

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6 Responses to “New Danfoss LC13 Z-Wave Thermostatic Radiator Valve”

  1. Shame it still doesn’t report it’s current state and temperature. Looks like it’s the Stella-Z for me.

  2. So existing danfoss owners are effectively having to fork over £60 (per unit) for a firmware upgrade because Danfoss didn’t design it right in the first place…

    Hmm, no thanks!

    Personally, I switched to StellaZ TRVs some months back and they’ve been great (plus they have two-way communication).

  3. Can older trvs have their firmware updated somehow?

  4. I have been in touch with Danfoss. They have categorically confirmed that these units are not and have not been released in the UK.

    Danfoss have also categorically stated that they are not z-wave compatible, even though they are being marketed as such.

    Danfoss have confirmed they will not support this product in the UK.

    I can send copies of the emails on request, but have provided them to Mark for confirmation.

    I brought the older version 2 days before this model was released. Whilst I have not experience to much drop out like others, the valves are taking exceptionally long periods to mechanically adjust the set points and I am currently sitting in a cold house with the boiler on for 12 hours. I would not recommend this product under any circumstance.

  5. Which Z Wave thermostat should I be looking at then?