Video: Sonoff WiFi Smart Switch for Alexa, MQTT & Nest Control for Under £10

Sonoff Smart Home WiFi Module

Here’s another great video from BRUH Automation on an interesting little in-line module that’s available for under £10 (or a little over £10 from sources closer to home).

The unit is ideal for converting lights and appliances to voice control from Alexa (max 10 amps). There’s also custom alternative firmware available on Github to allow the modules to be integrated in your existing home automaton system via MQTT.

Check out the video below and the Sonoff Wiki too.

3 Comments on "Video: Sonoff WiFi Smart Switch for Alexa, MQTT & Nest Control for Under £10"

  1. They are on ebay for around £5 if you dont mind waiting for international postage!

  2. Looks like a real interesting product I have to say.

  3. Paul Bendall | November 6, 2017 at 6:56 pm |

    Purchased a couple of the Sonoff PoW units which include power monitoring as well as control. I flashed them with a custom firmware which makes them so much more usable in Home Automation. The active GitHub repository – provides all the necessary instructions and allows interfacing over HTTP, MQTT, OpenHAB and Domoticz.

    Just watch the currant as the 16A is a bit optimistic and for a resistive load, for a inductive load you probably would want to go much over a few Amps.

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