Rumour: CommandFusion to Release iViewer Lite for DIY Home Automation?

CommandFusion iViewer Lite

We’re hearing on the grapevine that CommandFusion may be about to launch a ‘Lite’ version of their highly regarded iViewer Ethernet control software.  Currently users have to pay a license of around £100 for each device (iPhone, iPad etc).  This isn’t unusual as part of a quality bespoke home automation system, however there are DIY users that would love to use the software to control smaller budget systems too – take a look at this comment for example.

If the rumours are true then we’d expect CommandFusion to release a new option somewhere between their current free offering (limited to 1 page) and their £100 pro unlimited license.  Developing…

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One Response to “Rumour: CommandFusion to Release iViewer Lite for DIY Home Automation?”

  1. That’s great news guys – me and my big mouth, better keep my eyes peeled for the news.

    Don’t suppose anyone can suggest a good HA controller with timers and events to go with it – maybe command fusion can make some suggestions there – I have been a reader of automatedhome for many years, and have yet to see someone market (and stick with) a fully affordable, modular solution – homeeasy, Lightwave, and BBSB you made a great start, but you didn’t go much beyond a universal remote – we need to encourage these guys to keep adding features , most HA stuff hasn’t changed in a decade….