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  1. 1-Wire I/O module now on sale.

    I have just put our latest modules on sale.

    Firstly the SWE4, a DS2413 based dual channel 1-Wire I/O module priced at 14.95 for an assembled module. See...
  2. New 1-Wire module SWE2 now available

    Sheepwalk Electronics now has available the SWE2 module which is designed to allow easy connection of multiple DS18B20 temperature sensors to your 1-Wire network without any soldering or wiring...
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    I have had a small test batch of PCBs for 1-Wire humidity sensors made and have now put ten of them on sale.

    See for more information.

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    As bmcomp says I would definitely connect the two...

    As bmcomp says I would definitely connect the two switches to each other, that way there is not a 100Meg bottleneck between the two switches, and then plug everything else into the switches rather...
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    Thanks for the welcome :) We are only a very...

    Thanks for the welcome :)

    We are only a very small company, it is not my main job, but I started up because I had been having problems myself in finding a decent UK source of 1-Wire kit. Things...
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    UK Supplier of 1-Wire parts.


    We are Sheepwalk Electronics. We've been going about a year now and we're a Yorkshire based supplier of components, kits and modules to use with a Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire network.

    Our plan...
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