Just come back from a weekend away. The hotel room didn't have the usual keycard slot to switch on lights etc. But a motion sensor.
There was what looked like a large thermostat on the wall, this had a built in motion sensor, there was another sensor in the bathroom, and a door sensor.
So if the door was opened and then closed sometime later the thermostat switches off the power to the room. My wife found this out when I left the room and she was on the bed reading. She just moved a bit and the power came on again.
Anyway I have found out ome more info about the system and decided to share my findings.
There was also a small LED on the top of the door frame which I later discovered to be an occupancy checker. Cleaning staff have a small hand held device, which they point at the door and if the LED is green the room is empty, if its red its occupied pretty cool really.
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