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Thread: Is Zwave what i need or not

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    Default Is Zwave what i need or not

    Im looking to increase (or start) with some home automation, beyond the Evohome I have for the heating. Im wanting to look at being able to control lighting, specifically with a view to being able to set schedules for when away from the home for security and also to integrate my texecom alarm so that certain lights can be switched on/off if the alarm is triggered. Also looking to incorporate some phillips hue lighting in rooms too.

    Im hopeful that the above can be accomplished with the use of IFTTT.

    Wiring to the existing switches is two wire.

    Can anyone recommend the basics of what I would need to accomplish this, or indeed confirm that Zwave is where I should be looking?

    Bearing in mind that Im a complete newbie to IFTTT, having not even read about it until today.

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    SmartThings is good because it supports z-wave and Zigbee, as well as several lan based protocols and cloud to cloud including (soon) evohome.

    One thing to watch with z-wave is that the US and EU use different frequencies, so you need to be really careful if buying imported sensors/controls/etc.

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    Hi I realise this is an old thread but if it's yet to be resolved hopefully I can help as I'm looking into doing something similar with my texecom premier elite alarm and am an alarm engineer by trade (although have yet to touch any z wave equipment)

    Assuming you have a premier elite panel and not a premier or veritas system, texecom are supposedly bringing out there own hub which i believe will use z wave and definitely incorporates light switches etc. That said they are notorious for not bringing products out on time (we have been waiting for about 2-3 years for a wireless keypad which has nearly been ready for so long and yet still isn't out...)

    So if you don't want to wait unknown years for them or if you don't have an elite panel, I'm thinking about using a fibaro universal binary sensor to wire into a spare output (or just standard bell output if you want to detect alarm activating) and have it trigger an IFTTT in your z wave controller.

    I'm planning on having it switch my hall light on upon entry timer starting at night...

    Like I said this is as yet untested but what I was planning...

    Link to the binary sensor


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