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Thread: Evohome sounds my perfect solution?

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    Or, and not sure if this would work but ensure good synchronisation with respect to temperature betweeen an HR92 and a "normal" TRV on the radiator. Then leave the HR92 somewhere in the room but not of course screwed on the radiator. The chances are, because it is not driving the pin in the valve, the sound would be little, such that your daughter does not hear it. I have never tried operating an HR92 not attached to a radiator, but a thought.

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    That would basically work like an open radiator then and get heat whenever another zone called for it.

    could work with some tweaking I guess.

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    There are three different ways that you can get completely silent control of the radiator in the room that have been discussed before in other threads, in order of preference:

    1) Use a Honeywell "thermoelectric actuator" on the side of the radiator in place of an HR92:

    There is a small electric element inside that expands when heated to push down on the pin - much like a conventional wax pellet TRV expands with heat. I haven't tried one but it should be completely silent.

    To operate it you would need a BDR91 wired to it - the BDR91 itself is not silent and makes a small "click" each time it turns on and off (every 10 minutes or so) so this would need to be mounted out of earshot with a cable run to the actuator - inside a wardrobe or closet is probably sufficient to muffle the sound otherwise in the hall, adjacent room, loft etc...

    2) If the piping allows it - mount the HR92 remotely in the loft/crawl space on a branch that only feeds the radiators in that one room.

    3) If the piping allows it, fit a standard 2 port zone valve in series with the branch that only feeds the radiators in that one room. Zone valves are silent to open but do make a small amount of noise when they close so like the HR92 would need to be mounted out of the room. The zone valve will not give as precise temperature control as the HR92.

    All three approaches require a remote wall stat such as a DTS92 to sense the temperature in the room.

    Note: I haven't tried or tested any of these approaches first hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmac80 View Post
    Nah no way I'd go electric.
    We just had the gas combi boiler installed recently, It replaced a multi fuel log/coal back boiler stove.
    It's so nice to wake up to a warm house and not have to do the fire in the morning to heat the place
    My only gripe is the 1 stat downstairs in the Hall.. Just really seems like a huge waste of money heating bedrooms etc through the day, I know I could turn the trv in the bedrooms off manually but i'd soon get bored of that.. I think 3 zones is the way to go.

    Thanks James
    when my son was in a cot, I used a panel electric rad on the wall in his room overnight with a built in timer, to keep his room at 16. the main heating for the house was still gas - even for his room. the electric usage was tiny. this was just to cater for the issue of heating noise overnight waking him (or more likely us!) up. now he is bigger, the panel electric is in the back of the garage unused, and he sleeps with a big duvet and no heating needed overnight.

    my point is, I think you can fix the problem of noise in your daughters room overnight tactically using an electric panel rad, and I don't think the need to solve this issue should divert you from the benefits of going evo. with the standard electric panel type you will just get small click from the thermostat but there might be more sophisticated silent version if you dig around . So, still go full evohome everywhere (including her room) you set the overnight evo setpoint in her room lower than that of the electric rad. during the day you reverse that situation so the bulk of heat for her room is still gas driven.

    when she gets bigger and sleeps like a log and/or can be happier with a big duvet so no need for overnight heating, you can ditch the tactical electric. my solution to overnight silence from evo is simply to have the setpoint low enough that it will only come on if the frost gets inside! Big duvets are the answer!
    the plumbing changes for silence proposed are also valid but potentially a lot more work, hence the reason for my suggesting the quick/tactical fix with an electric as you may find you don't need it for ever.

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