Mac Mini Mount

Here is an interesting Home Automation product for the Mac mini …”As a home automation design and consulting company, we were faced with the challenge of placing our control system (a Mac mini) in just about any location that the customer wanted. The problem was that there was often no suitable place on a table surface and the Mac mini isn’t very stable when placed on its side.

So, we came up with the design of the Mini mount. Like the Mac mini, it’s a simple, elegant, yet extremely functional design that serves its primary purpose, to put the Mac mini on the wall- and out of the way.

Being that we designed this mount for using in a home automation setup, we know it works great for that application. You can also use this mount for media center setups where you want the Mac mini accessible, but out of the way.

Use the Mini mount with a touch-screen LCD and you have the worlds most powerful home automation and media center available on your wall– right at your fingertips.”

$49.99 ($69.99 with Back Lighting) Visit the Mac mini mount site  :  Mac mini

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