Westell Home MediaTerminal Touch Screen

Westell MediaTerminal

UK based Westell, has launched a range of new home broadband devices at the Broadband World Forum Europe, including the MediaTerminal colour touchscreen.

“The MediaTerminal™ is in a number of European trial deployments including consumer ‘infotainment’ and ‘healthcare in the home.’ Additional projects, covering retail / home shopping and home control automation will be launched later this year.  “Other manufacturers have attempted to create powerful communication terminals for the 21st Century home, which is fuelled by demand from service providers who see powerful business models in an amazing variety of applications. Consequently, we anticipate a big year ahead for this class of broadband product.

The Westell MediaStation is a revolutionary integrated broadband appliance for customers that integrates:

  • High performance wired and wireless client
  • Digital cordless speakerphone supporting analogue and/ or VoIP calls
  • Colour hi-resolution touch-screen TFT panel operating Microsoft Win CE.Net application
  • A powerful multimedia engine controlling voice, data and video applications”


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