Thank you for visiting.  On the web since 1996, Automated Home has been the centre of the Smart Home community for more than 2 decades.

Automated Home was born out of a lack of information on Home Automation on the web, when we decided to build our first smart home in the late 1990’s.

Automated Home v2.0 - The Design

From the experience with our Self Build we created the Wiring Guide which hopefully has inspired and informed the hundreds of thousands of people that have read it.

Now we’ve sold up and are in the middle of our second self build – you can follow along with our progress here.

We’ve become the trusted resource for information on home technologies for automation and entertainment in new builds and retro fits.

Other popular features are our regularly updated New Products Section and on-line Equipment Reviews and Tutorials and our Home Automation Forums and Facebook Group are the place for you to discuss systems and get your technical questions answered.