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Myro Control have just launched their brand new Home Automation software – Myro:Home.  Aimed at both the custom installer and the DIY enthusiast, the package suports theHAI range of home automation controllers.  The $500 package is avialable now and there’s a free 15-day trail to download too.

“Myro:Home was created because there was no other product like it available! Designed with both DIYers and Customer installers in mind, Myro:Home brings a rich user interface that is easy to setup and easy to use with any HAI ethernet based line of home automation controllers.

It has been said that your home automation system is only as good as the installer who designed it. Now, Myro:Home allows the installer to focus on what they do best, the design of the system rather than design of the interfaces. Let Myro:Home handle all the interface challanges in style.

With Myro:Home, you can be up and running in less than 30 minutes – the longest part will be typing in the data needed to connect to the controller! Myro:Home automatically downloads the system information and lays it out in a rich, graphical way.”

The Basics:

  • HAI Home Automation Controller (Omni IIe, OmniPRO II, Lumina, LuminaPRO) with Ethernet Port and firmware 2.14 or later.
  • MS Windows 2000, XP, XP Embedded, 2003, Vista or later versions of Windows.
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  • Adobe Flash 9 (or greater) Player
  • 25MB free disk space
  • 512MB RAM
  • 800mhz or Greater Processor
  • Internet Connection

Devices Supported:

  • TED Power Monitor System running TEDService (
  • Any Whole House Audio System Supported by the HAI controller
  • Any Lighting System Supported by the HAI controller.
  • Any Touchscreen (using Myro’s on screen keyboard)
  • Any IP Cameras that support JPEG snapshots (Axis, Panasonic, D-Link, StarDot NetCam & Express 6, & PiXORD)

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