New website for IP CCTV

We've just received this press release on a new UK company specialising in the supply and installation of IP surveillance technologies.

"Analogue cctv equipment has undoubtedly been instrumental in reducing crime, however, this technology requires investment in expensive equipment and infrastructure so that criminals can be effectively monitored. IP camera technology can be implemented for a fraction of the cost using existing network infrastructures and employs intelligent technology which monitors premises and can track individuals movements without the need of an operator being present. Add to this the flexibility of being able to control and monitor cameras from anywhere in the world over an internet connection and the benefits become very tangible..

ISEC Solutions are a newly founded company specialising in the installation and supply of home automation and IP surveillance technologies. Based in Ravenshead; Nottingham, the company offers a broad range of products and services through a modern and attractive e-commerce site, with lots of useful information. The site is basically split in two, the first section covers IP or Network cameras which can be purchased online through a very slick and easy to use online shopping system. An installation service for both commercial and residential applications is also available, utilising the latest digital technology which can be integrated with burglar alarms, point of sale machines and existing analogue cctv systems.

The second part of the site covers the installation of home automation technologies and again is full of useful information, including downloadable PDF brochures. ISEC Solutions specialise in complete home automation including lighting control, home cinema, audio visual distribution and digital surveillance. Offering tailored automation and integration solutions for architects, interior designers, developers and home owners alike."

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