Sky Launches Online Subscription Service

Sky Player

Sky’s video-on-demand service, Sky Player [now Sky Go] has just had a make-over.  It now uses Microsoft Silverlight plugin (Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are all supported) and for the first time will be available with a subscription so users can receive and watch live Sky channels without the need for a satellite dish or receiver.  Just use your PC (some features available to Mac users, but not all) and a broadband internet connection.

Existing Sky customers will still be able to access Sky On-Demand service as before.  In addition, if you are a Sky customer and you are already paying for either “Multiroom” or “Sky Broadband Max” then the new live streaming will be available to you at no further cost.  Subscribers to other Sky packages will have to pay £10 a month.

The contract for on-line watching is only 30 days so this gives people an interesting way to step in and out of a subscription if there are shows they wish to see,  While Sky Sports is one of the 9 channels available at launch, it’s unclear what will and will not be available as Sky say parts of the schedule will be ‘blacked out’ because of rights issues.  The video stream is avai;able in three quality settings, depending on your available bandwidth.  Subscriptions for non-Sky customers start at £15 per month (Currently £7.50 per month uuntil February 09).

Sky CEO Mike Darcey said “We want to give customers as much choice as possible not just in what they watch, but in how they watch it.  Sky Player TV recognises that for some, the computer screen is now the preferred screen through which to watch TV. In developing a standalone subscription to a secure online platform, we are responding to the diverse needs of today’s customers. We look forward to making the service more compelling with the addition of even more great pay TV entertainment in the New Year.”

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