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Crestron Mobile for iPhone

The iPhone and iPod Touch continue to prove themselves the platform of choice for Home Automation developers.  Now high-end Smart Home company Crestron have released their own app that allows management and control of climate, lighting, shades and security systems over Wi-Fi and even the cellular network.

"Crestron App Provides Fully Integrated Control From Apple® iPhone™ – Now available as a free download from the iTunes® App Store, Crestron Mobile for iPhone keeps you Crestron-connected, wherever you are. An intuitive graphical interface enables seamless control and management of climate, lighting, shades and security systems. View room and device status and adjust control features in a primary residence, vacation home, and office in real time, communicating via the 3G or Edge cellular network (or Wi-Fi, where available).

Crestron Mobile on the iPhone talks directly to the home control system without any third-party software or external servers. (An interface must also be programmed into the control system by an authorized Crestron dealer.) Any updates or changes to the control program are automatically sent to the iPhone when the app is launched, and new locations are easily added by opening the "Connections" page on the iPhone. Crestron Mobile is compatible with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPod® touch.

For the installer, Crestron Mobile for iPhone is fully integrated with Crestron programming software including SystemBuilder™, VT Pro-e and SIMPL™. The iPhone interface connects to a Crestron control system just like any touchpanel in the system. Custom GUI designs and program settings are implemented exactly the same as any other control module at no cost"

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