Mac Home Automation: Indigo Touch iOS App v2.0

Indigo Domotics have just released the long awaited v2.0 of Indigo Touch. The iOS app that is the control companion to their popular Mac home automation software.

The new version (released along side Indigo v6.1 ) brings a raft of improvements and new features such as a useful Event Log panel.

The new app supports all screen sizes including the iPhone 6 Plus and there’s an optional Dark/Night theme plus a collection of new graphics that can be used to design your control pages.

Indigo have switched to using iOS native controls in the design of the app, providing all those recognisable elements (segmented buttons, sliders, standard buttons etc) that we’re familiar with.

While the Notifications and Geolocation features didn’t make it into this release they are promised to be in development for a future version.

IT2 is a significant rework of the previous version of Indigo Touch. We updated the app to use the iOS 7 SDK as the base (and added some iOS 8 specifics as well). This allowed us to give the app a modern feel, including using split views on devices with larger screens to optimize screen real estate usage. We also upgraded the look and feel of the graphics and controls in the app to make it a first-class iOS app. IT2 now feels great running alongside all your other iOS 7/8 apps.

New Features

  • Event Log viewing, including real time updates and search capability.
  • All new icons and graphics designed specifically to match the iOS 7/8 look.
  • A new optional theme, Dark/Night, for those that prefer a darker app experience.
  • New optional tap sounds to reinforce when a control has been touched.
  • Action groups now show a brief heads-up window when tapped to notify that the action has started.
  • All iOS device screen resolutions are supported including the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • All iPads (and iPhone 6/6 Plus in landscape) use the iOS split view to show device details alongside the device list.
  • New font, Lato, included for control page designs.
  • New navigation options for control pages.

Indigo Touch App v2.0

Expanded Device Support

  • All built-in device types, including fans and sensors, are fully represented and show the appropriate controls.
  • All device states, regardless of device type, are viewable.
  • Many device types have controls inline in the table list itself for faster operation.
  • Device details, such as last updated, protocol/plugin, model, address, communication status, are shown.
  • Device errors are shown in the table view.
  • Plugin devices can specify which status icon is shown.  :  Indigo Touch App

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