Mac Home Automation Software Indigo Now Supports Z-Wave

Perceptive Automation have released beta v6 of Indigo, their Home Automation suite for Max OS X.  Amongst a raft of new features there’s now support for Z-Wave devices and they offer a free trial version of Indigo 6 beta (trial period extended from 30 to 45 days during beta).  Read on for all the new features.

“We are very excited to announce the availability of 6 Beta, the home automation solution designed for OS X. As with Indigo 5.x, Indigo 6 comes in two versions.

Pro, which contains the full Indigo 5.x Pro feature set plus all additions for 6, and Lite, which is for our more budget conscious customer and contains all the Indigo 5.x Lite feature set plus the additional features listed below.

Indigo 6 enhancements include:

  • Z-Wave® device support now joins INSTEON and X10 on our list of supported home automation technologies. See the Z-Wave device support section below for details.
  • Support for the new INSTEON Leak Sensor device.
  • (Pro Only) Two new plugins: Timers and Pesters, for simple timers and reminders, and Device Collection, which provides two new device types. See below for details.
  • New deletion warning dialog and contextual menu for Devices, Triggers, Schedules, Action Groups, and Variables to show all object dependencies (double-click to edit the dependents).
  • Improved Action selection UI with hierarchical menu and category groupings.
  • Improved INSTEON FanLinc device UI.
  • The description field in the Device, Trigger, Schedule and Action Group dialogs is now titled Notes and is displayed with multiple lines. You can now enter much longer and more descriptive information.
  • Condition Editor now supports contains and does not contain comparisons in device states and variable values.
  • Condition Editor UI performance has been improved.
  • Control Page Editor now has page size presets for iPhones and iPads, portrait and landscape, both for normal and retina displays.
  • Action delays are now specified in hours, minutes, and seconds using the standard OS X UI control. No longer do you have to specify seconds as hundredths of a minute!
  • (Pro Only) Several plugin improvements:
    • All plugins are now more integrated into the UI. Selecting plugin devices, triggers, and actions is now much easier with more direct integration into the UI, and you can now manage your plugins directly from the preferences window.
    • Plugins can now add menu items that can run actions interactively, including actions that target devices.
    • Action Collection plugin now provides a new Toggle Variable action in the Variable Actions section. With it you can easliy toggle between two values, including user-defined values.
    • WeatherSnoop plugin now has new leaf and soil sensor data.
    • INSTEON Commands plugin has been directly integrated into the various INSTEON menus and is no longer a separate plugin.
    • Plugin developers now have even more tools to design their user interfaces: font sizes, colors, alignments, password fields, etc.

These are just the features in the first Public Beta release – we have some other great new features and improvements that will be showing up throughout the beta period before Indigo 6 officially ships.

To try out all the new Indigo 6 features, be sure and download the latest beta version of Indigo 6. The Indigo 6 installer does not touch previous Indigo installations, so you can quickly switch back to an older version at any time.

NOTE: You’ll need a new Indigo 6 registration code – you can either purchase an Indigo 6 code (see below for new user and upgrade pricing) or during the public beta you can register for a new 45-day trial code.

For new customers Indigo 6 Lite costs $89.95 and Indigo 6 Pro is $179.95. Upgrade pricing is available for both and is based on the last purchased version of Indigo”.

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