Wireless Ethernet Control Dock for iPod

Denon ASD-3W

The new Denon ASD-3W is another iPod dock designed to free your tunes using 802.11b or g, but it also brings the ability to listen to over 7,000 internet radio stations whilst looking pretty and charging your click wheel friend.

  • Playback Music/Photo Files from PC or Music Server
  • ASD-3W can access Windows Media Player (*1)to get music, photos and playlists from your PC.
  • ASD-3W features Wi-Fi connectivity supporting IEEE 802.11b and g.
  • Support files: WMA, AAC (*2), MP3, WAV, FLAC for audio and JPEG for photos.
  • Internet Radio – You can access a list of over 7,000 radio stations via “vTuner” service,and enjoy your favourite music channels without a PC.
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)operation such as changing TV channels or switching inputs – To allow for easier browsing and playback of your files, the ASD-3W provides an intuitive GUI with album artwork via S-Video connection.
  • Multi language for both GUI and Meta Data are available(English, French, Spanish,German, Japanese).
  • iPod® Command and Control – ASD-3W has capability of control your iPod via remote and playback music, photo slideshows and videos while also recharging your iPod.
  • Supported iPods – The ASD-3W supports any iPod equipped with a Dock connector(except the 3rd generation). The 4th generation iPod (with Dock Connector)requires the Apple iPod Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack that fits your iPod model (separately available from Apple Inc.)in order to be connected to the ASD-3W.
Denon ASD-3W


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