Automated Home 2.0 – #08 A Look at Our Building Site

Automated Home 2.0 Building Site

Last time we looked at our spreadsheet of room sizes which was a great starting point for our floor plan. But what about the plot that we’re actually going to be building on?

The Site

Our new home will be built on an infill plot between 2 other houses. The site is around ¾ of an acre and looks out towards the hills of rural County Down. The field slopes down gently to the south and we’ll be building on the highest part with the front of the house approximately 75m back from the road.

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When we purchased the site it already had planning permission granted for a traditional style home so we set about changing that to our own contemporary design, working with our Architects 2020.

From the start we felt the plot leant itself to a design that would run North to South, instead of across site in an East to West direction. We particularly wanted a South facing aspect to take advantage of solar gain for the main living areas.

After around a year of working on our design (more on that in a future post) our new plans were submitted for approval in January 2018 and we got the good news in April 2018 that they had been passed first time.

At this point though we were faced with a frustrating pause in our project as there was the little matter of selling our previous home before we could move forward. It took 16 months to sell and we completed in October last year. Once we were out it was all systems go.

We’re getting very close to starting on site now and hope to have some news on that in our next post. In the meantime check out the links below so you don’t miss it.

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