Plex Home Brings User Switching and Parental Controls

Plex have announced their new ‘Home’ update that brings one of the most requested features for the highly regarded media server…

I’m happy to announce that parental controls and more are available today in the form of an awesome feature we like to call Plex Home….we set out to make Plex a better place for families with fine-grained access controls by moving all the server management inside the web app, and allowing you to easily specify the exact content ratings accessible by all your friends and family.

User accounts can be protected with a PIN and you can add up to 15 additional members to your Plex Home. Once enabled, any App, device, or tool connecting to your Plex server will need to be signed in to a Plex Account. The DLNA server will also be disabled, as this would allow full unrestricted access to your media.

Each account can have its own ratings set for each library section, allowing parents to restrict what their children can view.

Plex Home Restrictions

For now, the Home feature is supported on Plex Home Theater, the Roku and the Plex web app, with the other platforms being added in the coming weeks and months.

These fine grained sharing features, multiuser Homes, and fast user switching are limited to Plex Pass holders for now, although the standard Multiuser and Now Playing features are now free for all users.

Check out this support guide on setting up Plex Home.   :  Plex and the Mac mini

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