Useful Gadget of the Week: Inateck BR1001 Bluetooth Receiver

Inateck sent us one of these little Bluetooth receivers to check out and it could just be the gadget you’re looking for to breath new life into your old HiFi or have your headphones in less of a tangle.

The Inateck BR1001 is a tiny 4cm square Bluetooth 3.0 receiver. It ships with a nice short 10cm Micro USB charging lead plus a 1 metre 3.5mm to 3.5mm input cable (more on that later). You can bin the enclosed instruction leaflet which is full of mistakes and nonsense.


Wireless HiFi

This BT receiver has 2 obvious useful applications. Firstly it’s a way to wirelessly send music from your phone, tablet or computer, to your HiFi.

Just connect the BR1001 to the AUX input of your amp with one of these 3.5mm jack to 2x phono cables, press and hold the silver button until the LED begins to flash blue and red to pair it, simple as that. Now you’ve freed all that music on your device, as well as all the tunes available via your streaming services too. You’ll need an old phone charger or some other USB power source to keep the unit permanently juiced up.

Inateck BR1001 Bluetooth Receiver

As well as connecting to your main HiFi, you could also breathe some new life into some of your old kit too. We tried it out on an antique Sony mini-HiFi from the 90’s we had in the loft and it worked great, giving a 1 room pseudo-Sonos setup for an outlay of less than twenty quid.

The included male to male mini-jack cable was ideal for connecting to the AUX-In on our car head unit too, allowing us to transmit our tunes wirelessly to the vehicle’s stereo.

Inateck BR1001 Bluetooth Receiver Diagram

Usefully there’s also a built-in microphone that means if it’s paired with your phone a caller will still hear you as a kind of in-car hands free kit as well. We like to listen to lots of podcasts and audio books in the car and this is an easy way connect each journey.

Wireless Headphones

The built in rechargeable 120mAh battery makes this mobile friendly too, so the other main application is as converter to make your headphones wireless. The battery charges in around 90 minutes and life is quoted as ‘up to 5.5 hours’.

We paired the receiver to our MacBook and plugged in our trusty Sony MDR-V55 Headphones. Range is quoted as ‘up to 10m’ and we found that pretty accurate. We could easily walk around the room with the sound only breaking up when we left it.

Volume levels are impressive from such a tiny unit and should be loud enough for anyone. The volume buttons on the side also allow you to select next and previous tracks with a long press. The large silver button on the front will play / pause and a long press will redial your last number if paired with your phone.

The Inateck BR1001 uses a Bluetooth v3 chipset and supports EDR, A2DP, AVRCP and HFP.

Available now for around £14.  :   Previous Gadgets of the Week

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