Bargain: 16 Stocking Filler Deal Codes for Your Gadget Loving Friends & Family

The guys over at Aukey have sent us over 16 deals for Automated Home readers. These discount codes should work until 15th December 2016. Use the code beneath the item you’re interested in at checkout.

£6 off code: ZNED2Q2I

£3 off code: MF2BEJ8T

£5 off code: X8RZMY5Y

£3 off code: TTF3BOP9


£6 off code : 2TONYZXY

£6 off code : ROUMUT2B

£15 off code: NBJX9AXN

£5 off code: VTDSG9RU


£2 off code: W7UWXBPY

£3 off code: H9IEBG57

£2 off code: VW96DHAL

£4 off code: UL3E4GXN


£4 off code: MGDQ3YRH

£4 off code: P7MPV7AN

£10 off code: U4VEK49Y

£4 off code: SQNIMSXI


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