Offer: Tomons Wood Tripod Bedside Lamps Bring Scandi Style Home

Tomons Wood Tripod Bedside Lamp

We’re still enjoying our Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp so when a box turned up at the Automated Home with some new Tomons lights we got to work.

Tomos Bedside Light Kit with LEDThe new tripod Lamp is made from Rubber tree wood. The 5-piece kit is easily assembled without tools in a couple of minutes and once completed the lamp stands around 40 cms high.

Handily there’s a 4W LED bulb included in the box this time and you can change this to one of your choice at up to 40W.

The lamp shade comes in three different colours, black, white and the linen version we got pictured here.

The Tomons Wood Tripod Bedside Lamp (BL1002) is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and anywhere else you want to add a touch of scandi style.

Discount Code Deal

Thanks to Tomons for sending us the voucher codes for Automated Home readers below which are valid until 27/12/2017.

Order your lamps using THIS LINK then chose one of the offers below.

20% Off One Lamp – use code 3BABLF3W at checkout
30% Off Two Lamps – use code 8JLLXCFD at checkout

Tomons Rubber Wood Tripod Lamp

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