Clipsal C-Bus Wireless Gateway

From Australian IT News…”Clipsal Integrated Systems has taken its C-Bus home automation system wireless, interconnecting with the company’s modular hard-wired system, which uses the industry standard category-five (Cat-5) cable.

The C-Bus wireless range is made up of the gateway, a remote control, wall plates, and power-plug adapters. CIS marketing manager Simon Wehr says going wireless will increase demand for Clipsal’s products in Australia’s 7.3 million existing dwellings, as well as the 175,000 new homes built each year.

Not that building market share has been a problem for Clipsal, as the CIS division grew by 40 per cent last year, but Wehr says the greatest problem is getting enough electricians trained to install C-Bus.

Before wireless, home automation systems were restricted to people building from scratch or doing major renovations because, although cabling is inexpensive, retrofitting it can be difficult, expensive or sometimes impossible Wireless C-Bus makes it an easy option.

“I would always recommend putting in wires if there is the opportunity to do so,” Wehr says.

C-Bus wireless is for times when wiring is not possible.

The C-Bus wireless gateway can be used to run an intelligent lighting system in a single room, or it can be scaled to run a whole home automation system. Connecting a wireless gateway to an existing C-Bus system opens the way to using a handheld remote to control the system.

Most of the system, designed in Australia, is made locally by the Adelaide group, which was bought last year by Germany’s Schneider Electric.

The wireless gateway will recognise any existing hard-wired C-Bus gear, and Clipsal components can be used to expand a wireless/Cat-5 system so it can be controlled using an internet connection.

Wehr has installed a wireless power-plug adapter in his shed, which would not be worth wiring with Cat-5.

“With wireless it is easy,” he says.

Clipsal has also updated items in its wired line-up and has dressed up its wall plates by giving them designer finishes and introducing Dynamic Labelling Technology, which offers editable LCD text, bitmap images and bar graphs that indicate volume or lighting level.

Text and graphics can be created on a PC and downloaded to the switches.


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