Eco-Heating Systems with a Twist

After working for many years as a production engineer, Patrick Littlehales started to creating his own eco-heating systems.

He claims many of the installations he has designed and installed over the last decade end up as ‘zero-cost’ systems which actually return an annual profit to the home owner.

A compulsive inventor, he describes his installations as usually incorporating an ‘original twist’ that puts them at the cutting edge of heating tech.

Many of his projects have involved fixing old systems that simply don’t make sense in the modern context and cost ‘far too much to run’.  

Patrick’s time is now taken up with consultancy and supplying ‘properly specified’ tanks and stoves is now his main occupation along with heating seminars that have been popular with delegates from around Europe.

We asked him to explain this the heating philosophy that he bases these systems on…

A heat pump and some P.V. solar panels can provide free heating and hot water – more or less.

Eco Heating SystemPrices keep falling and it now pays to borrow the money to head off-grid. As this becomes even more compelling the grid will free up hugely. The proportion of renewables in the mix will increase of course and new nuclear plants will be redundant before they are completed.

Exciting times ahead but heat pumps are tricky things (low temperature, high flow rates) and we’ll need to press the reset button on our heating ideas, especially if we want to integrate other sources.

Energy storage and smoothing can be achieved cheaply and efficiently with a pair of water tanks. Using one tank hot and one cool opens up possibilities, for example a two-stage heating for domestic hot water, domestic hot water preserved at high temperatures, surplus energy overspill, solar panel efficiency up to a new level, easy source allocation between heat pump and tanks and more besides.

The Original Twist heating system is highly suited to home automation, and not just for heat pumps either, so now is the time to call for changes if you don’t see what you want.

Ground Mount Solar PV Array


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