Recycling 18650 Cells to Build a DIY Powerwall

Sometimes I really need to step back and take time to be amazed by the Internet. A few days ago I watched a live stream of a man sitting in his garage on the other side of the world ripping apart lots of old laptop batteries to recover the 18650 cells inside.

Paul Kennett lives in Wellington, New Zealand and his YouTube channel follows his project to build a 48 Volt 10 kWh DIY Powerwall from those recycled cells.

The DIN rail and Battery Management System mounts have been created from his own design and then 3D printed.

There are plenty of similar projects on YouTube and you can follow Paul’s progress on the links below…  :

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3 Comments on "Recycling 18650 Cells to Build a DIY Powerwall"

  1. I see that Nissan is producing a powerwall with recycled leaf batteries called xstorage,looks interesting.

  2. I think I have enough old laptops around to make a good start!

  3. reminds me of all the AA batteries we have, run too low for what they were in, but still with volts left in them …

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