Useful Gadget of the Week: Energenie 30 Minute Run Down Timer Plug

Over complicating stuff can be something of a habit with some home automators but sometimes the KISS principal is best observed.

Here’s a gadget that should be a cheaper and more reliable way of automatically turning off those devices we always worry about leaving on…

The Rundown Timer is perfect for those of us who leave the house wondering if they have left their hair straighteners, iron or any other appliances on.

The Rundown Timer will switch off the mains power to your appliance after a preset period of 30 minutes providing a safety feature should the appliance be accidentally left on.

Energenie’s 30 Minute Rundown Timer will not only appeal to safety conscious parents, but also to eco chic teenagers. The Rundown timer is simple to restart, you just press the green button and you get another 30 minutes to use your appliance.


Available now for around £15

Available from Amazon  :  :  More Useful Gadgets

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