Hacked: Smart Home Secrets – BBC Panorama

BBC Panorama - Hack Smart Home Secrets

Earlier this week the BBC aired the latest episode of its investigative journalism show, this time looking at the Smart Home…

Smart devices and the latest technological gadgets give us remote control of our homes and our cars – but how safe are they? Reporter Fiona Phillips investigates their hidden dangers and reveals how products designed to make life easier around the home can be hacked. She discovers families whose children are being spied on because their baby monitors are being streamed live online, and meets a couple who had no idea they were being watched, in their own home, by thousands of strangers around the world.

If you’re in the UK you can watch the show online in the BBC iPlayer.


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  1. The program is interesting and does raise some important issues but so much of what they show has been staged (the family members taking part have posted their experience of how they helped & had act surprised)

    It is a shame they did not address IOT server security or how poorly designed smart products have repeat been shown to be insecure and act as gateways to a home network with no need for WiFi hacking.

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