Video: Raspberry Pi Voice Control for LightwaveRF Devices

Home automation hacker Charlie Cole has employed a Raspberry Pi to create a voice interface to his LightwaveRF devices.  A virtual butler is born and ‘Jeeves’ controls lights, sockets and IR devices using only his masters voice.  Check out all the details and the video below…

Quick video showing controlling a home automation system using voice commands.  If you want to read about it, then you can find more at –

This includes the source code but it’s quite untidy so treat it as for reference only.  Raspberry Pi runs the software. LightwaveRF control is done over IP ( Voice recognition library is CMU pocketsphinx ( Speech is generated by festival ( GPIO stuff uses WiringPi ( The IR control is done using the clock on GPIO7 to produce the 38KHz modulation needed.

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