Comfort Launch New Designer Home Automation Keypads

Comfort KP06

Cytech continue to develop and expand their smart home security system launching their new range of ‘Designer’ keypads.  The KP06 features interchangeable frames in various finishes including metal, glass and wood.  The KPP06 version is designed to fit standard System 55 KNX frames and the pad can be used to control lighting, heating, air conditioning and other home appliances.

“The Comfort Intelligent Home System has introduced a versatile new range of designer flush-mounted LCD keypads with a range of interchangeable frames in a variety of materials, styles, and colours.  This elegant new KP06 range can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

The range can be customised to match the styling of the rooms in which they are fitted.   Examples of the faceplates include black translucent ABS plastic with its built-in IR receiver that can receive IR signals, Esprit mint coloured glass, chrome, wood and aluminium.

The new KP06 keypads can arm and disarm Comfort’s security system as well as controlling lighting, heating, air conditioning and other home appliances.   A convenient in-house intercom facility acts with door stations outside the building and KP06 can also be used to record and play back messages.  An additional benefit of this new range is that the KPP06 is designed to fit standard System 55 KNX frames from Gira, Merten, Jung and others.

“The KP06 with its mounting options and choice of faceplates will give architects and interior designers the possibility of closely matching the product with switches and other devices which must also share the wall space. The product was designed after close consultation with major customers and has been in development for more than a year”, according to Chiu Lu Yung, Cytech director.”

www.cytech.bizFree iPhone App for Comfort Smart Home Alarm System

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