Energenie Remote GSM Mobile Phone Controlled Power Socket

The Energenie Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket (ENER022) allows you to control an appliance with an SMS text message from your mobile phone.  Available now for around £110.

The Energenie Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket gives you the power to turn on and off appliances using your mobile phone. Simply send a text to the sim inside the plug and the plug will turn on or off, depending on it’s current status.

The socket also can be used as a monitor, to monitor ambient temperature and to monitor power supply. This has been used with great effect in a number of situations where it is important to monitor that power is being supplied to an appliance, for instance with servers.

Not only does it just monitor power it is able to monitor surrounding temperature this is great in a home with regards to fans, air conditioning and portable radiators. This is especially useful for those with mobility issues as it can monitor temperature and make sure the necessary products are turned on.

Available from Amazon   :   Energenie Remote GSM

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