HomeSeer Announce HomeTroller Zee Z-Wave Home Automation Controller

HomeSeer have announced a new smart home controller.  The HomeTroller Zee is a Z-Wave enabled home automation gateway that’s accessible via free apps for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

The tiny fan-less, disk-less controller runs embedded Linux and is extremely efficient sipping just 3 watts.  Hardware specs include a 700 MHz CPU, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of storage (SD card), 2 USB Ports, an Ethernet LAN Port, HDMI, Composite Video and a 3.5mm audio out jack.  It can control Z-Wave locks, thermostats, lights and sensors and it supports spoken announcements and reminders, plus customisable email and SMS text message Alerts.

The device can be programmed via its web interface and is available with either US or European frequency with its Z-Wave coming from an included Aeon Labs Z-Stick plugged into one of its USB ports.  The HomeTroller Zee is available for pre-order now at $199.95 with a ship date around the start of October.

HomeSeer Releases World’s Smallest Full Function Z-Wave Home Automation Controller – HomeSeer unveils its new HomeTroller Zee Z-Wave home automation controller next week at the 2013 CEDIA Expo in Denver. The new controller is an ultra-small, ultra-powerful gateway device that works with the latest wireless Z-Wave products and offers remote home control via most popular smart phones and tablets for only $199.95 with no monthly fees.

Although HomeTroller Zee is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it is big on features and performance. The unit sports an energy efficient 700 MHz Linux platform that will outperform any other comparable gateway device.
As with other HomeSeer systems, HomeTroller Zee supports the latest Z-Wave products including light switches, thermostats, door locks and sensors. Alerts, announcements and reminders may be issued by email, text message or by voice (text to speech). Home energy usage may also be monitored and controlled with HomeTroller Zee.

HomeTroller Zee systems are slated to begin shipping on October 1st and will retail at $199.95 with no monthly fees. Apple and Android mobile apps are free.
For more information, visit HomeSeer at CEDIA Expo 2013 (Z-Wave Alliance booth #512) or contact the company directly at 603-471-2816. OEM inquiries are welcome.

HomeTroller Zee Web Interface

HomeSeer automation systems are designed to work seamlessly with industry standards and products from leading Z-Wave manufactures such as Cooper, Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin, Yale, GE, Honeywell, Leviton, Linear, Everspring, Evolve, Fibaro, FortrezZ, Aeon Labs, RCS, and many more.

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2 Comments on "HomeSeer Announce HomeTroller Zee Z-Wave Home Automation Controller"

  1. Look at the size and shape of it, it’s clearly a raspberry pi. It’s not a bad price for the overall package given how much their software normally costs, but it is odd that they don’t acknowledge what it actually is given how blatant it is.

  2. Yes we thought it looked particularly ‘Pi’ shaped too and asked the HomeSeer guys if it was one. They replied…

    “Yes, under the hood, it’s a Pi embedded with a special version of our software and bundled with a Z-Stick”


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