Video: DIY Internet of Things €50 Home Automation Starter Kit

TinkerForge have launched a new DIY Home Automation kit that allows users to control their devices over the Internet.

The system can be used to remotely control 433MHz mains switches, dimmers and other home automation components including Home Easy devices and promises a good wireless range around the home using its external antenna.

The kit can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet, PC or Raspberry Pi either locally or over the Internet.  You can use the website to control your home without any programming knowledge.

Alternatively you can employ one of the long list of APIs to integrate with your DIY smart home project.  There is sample code on the Tinkerforge site for many different languages including C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby and VB.NET.

Other “Bricklet” devices like a motion sensing PIR and a temperature module are available from Tinkerforge and the system can also link to their weather station.

The Tinkerforge Internet of Things starter kit is available now for around €50. Check out the video below and get hacking.


Tinkerforge Internet of Things Kit with the Raspberry Pi  :

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