Video: New Popp Flow Stop is Z-Wave Shut-Off Valve for Smart Homes

Popp have introduced ‘Flow Stop’ a new Z-Wave gas and water shut-off controller for the European market. When integrated into a home automation system and combined with other sensors the unit is able actually limit the damage in the event of a leaking bath, washing machines etc, rather than just report it.

The Popp Flow Stop is delivered completely including valve control/motor, power supply and mounting. It is easy to assembly on the existing ball stop valve. Thereby all usual pipe standards including ½” and ¾“ are possible. While the 5-10 minutes long installation no pipes must be dismounted or water must be drained. The Flow Stop is driven by a motor and closes the ball valve mechanically. Even though the Motor requires only 12 Volt (1A), it has a powerful performance as well as a high torque, which reliably closes the ball valve in just 10 seconds. Also a manual closing of valve is possible in case of power failure – thanks to the clutch release bearing.

The Popp Flow Stop is available now for around £110.  :  More Z-Wave Smart Home Tech

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