Video: Reemo Wearable Remote Controls Home Automation With Gestures

Wearable tech may already be the next big thing and while we wait to see Apple’s offering there are already many interesting devices making it to market.

Relative new comer Playtabase was founded in 2012 by University of Minnesota students to create “fun solutions to reinvent your world”. Their first product, the Reemo controller is a wrist-worn mouse that enables users to control home automation devises with gestures.

Minneapolis startup Playtabase has revealed reemo, its revolutionary wrist-worn mouse that enables users to point and control electronics around them through intuitive gestures. The reemo controller brings the world of gesture control to home automation to create a new, intuitive way to interact with electronics in your environment. reemo can connect to smart devices and computers via Bluetooth and control other conventional electronics, such as lamps and radios, with a receiver.

Developers can sign up for the API now. Playtabase will launch the band in the next few weeks for around $125 with receivers at around $30.

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