Brand New Laser (purveyors of toys, gadgets and gizmos to the masses) are now able to provide on-line ordering on their all new website which came online earlier today!  Those of us with a hankering for big boys toys, no matter whether it’s a single lamp module, or the latest must have executive plaything (how many of you have been driving the family nuts with your desktop rovers?) no longer have to wait for the daylight hours and can now satisfy your desires at whatever time by logging on to the new site.  A nice touch is the ability to add your own reviews for all the products on the site as well as read the comments that other users have left.

“To celebrate our new website, we will be giving away a T-shirt (XL) for every order over £100 placed via the website until Sunday 24 February 2002 23:59. T shirts will be printed and dispatched after that date”.

Check out the new site here Laser

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