1 PC Driving Multiple Touchscreens

RedRadio have just announced their “100% QUIET TOUCH COMPUTER”. The RelayTouch-UTMA is an in-wall 12.1″ LCD touch monitor and hardware client that utilises one remote PC to drive multiple screens…

“RelayTouch-UTMA is the world’s first wall-mount touch screen ultra-thin client that does not require a CPU, hard-drive, or CD-ROM, yet executes with all the power of a desktop PC. Using NComputing’s exclusive UTMA (Ultra Thin Multi-Access) technology, RelayTouch allows you to leverage an existing home automation server to power up to 10 touch-screens around the house, or up to 30 with Windows Server 2003 or 2000 Server.

How does it work?
Each RelayTouch-UTMA is programmed to access the host PC’s excess computing power. By utilizing Windows XP/2000/2003’s multi-user feature with UTMA technology from NComputing, each RelayTouch-UTMA touch-screen can operate like a separate PC without decreasing the overall performance of either the host PC or each RelayTouch-UTMA. Therefore, each RelayTouch-UTMA unit can run any application from the host PC independently.

Each RelayTouch-UTMA connects to a common server running Windows XP/2000/2003 through the home’s Ethernet network (Network Switches are required). UTMA software running on the host establishes a Windows desktop session for each touch screen. The touch screen has full access to the applications on the host.

Each RelayTouch-UTMA only requires power from a low-voltage UL listed power supply and an Ethernet (CAT5) connection to the network. Optionally, small in-wall speakers can be mounted above or around RelayTouch-UTMA for local stereo audio from the UTMA session. Benefits

  • 100% quiet operation
  • Powerful and affordable
  • No maintenance required, ever
  • Requires only CAT5 and power
  • Runs any Windows application
  • Secure and fast “

The RelayTouch 12.1″ touch monitor with UTMA will be available in March, 2006 for around $1100.


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