Affordable Home CCTV Pan Tilt Dome

Now this looks like a bargain, a Pan Tilt home CCTV system complete in an outdoor housing for $100! Read on for the details on this new product at

“Encased in a sturdy plastic, weatherproof housing, this dome camera works both indoors and out. With both manual and automatic panning, the camera allows 180 degrees of coverage so you can monitor a large area with just a single camera. Measuring 4.72” by 4.53”, the compact camera can be mounted anywhere – on a ceiling or wall (with the included mounting kit).

Fully self-contained, the camera kit also comes with everything you need to set it up: a controller that lets you manually control the left/right panning, a 12-volt AC adapter to power the camera, and a 100-foot BNC video cable to connect to any monitor or digital video recorder (DVR).

The camera outputs to both NTSC and PAL video formats and offers 420 TV lines of horizontal resolution.”

  • Remote pan control unit will pan & scan automatically or allow manual left/right control up to 180°
  • Affordable color dome camera connects directly to a monitor or recorder
  • Weatherproof camera is safe for outdoor and indoor use

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