Ethernet Over Mains

A new base for a Welsh company which is developing technology likely to revolutionise communications in the home and in the small firms sector is being officially opened this week at Imperial Park, Newport.

LANergy Ltd. intends to double its existing workforce of some 13 scientists as it begins production of hardware and software, which will allow small and medium sized firms and private homes easy access to the astonishing potential offered by broadband communications.

The company was created earlier this year with the backing of a £1.35 million investment syndicate which was led by Finance Wales’ Innovation Fund and which included Welsh technology entrepreneur Terry Matthews together with Jon Moulton of Alchemy Partners and venture capital company ‘Wales Fund Managers’

Essentially, LANergy’s pioneering technology removes the need to wire every device in the home or office into a new network to use high speed, broadband voice, video and data.

The cost of doing has so far deterred most SME’s from installing new networking links and enjoying the huge business benefits of broadband communications.

But LANergy’s technology will use existing electrical circuits to allow homes and business to connect personal computers, TVs, telephones and other devices without the need to install any new wiring.

It will also mean that many more people in future will find it easier to work from home

LANergy’s new headquarters at Imperial Park was jointly declared opened today by the company’s newly appointed Chairman David Dey, formerly Chairman of British Telecom and of Energis, and by Finance Wales’ Chief Executive Colin Mitten.

Said David Dey: ” We have some tremendously exciting technology which is on the verge of coming to market. Looking forward, we plan to grow the company and become a significant, technology-based employer in the Newport region. These are very exciting times for LANergy.”


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