FingerPrint Reader for Comfort Security System

The FPR01 Fingerprint Reader is now available for Comfort. It works with the UCM/ACCESS to communicate with Comfort.This is suitable for homes and small offices, which is the main market for the Comfort system. Each of 16 users can register several fingerprints for recognition when the user is authenticated. Besides opening the electronic lock, the system can activate Scenes depending on the validated user.

For example, for office staff, the office lights and air-conditioners can be turned on and the security system can be disarmed. For the cleaner, the door is unlocked and system is disarmed only at certain times. A valid fingerprint can also arm the security system and switch off all lights, air-conditioners and appliances within the home and office. Comfort can dial to programmed telephone numbers (or send SMS using the UCM/GSM Module) when the security system is armed or disarmed… The interface between the fingerprint reader and the Comfort controller is by RS232 or RS485 serial interface, requiring only a data cable for connection. Comfort monitors the communication to trigger an alert or alarm if the cable is cut or the fingerprint reader is tampered with.

The FPR01 module will be available in the next few weeks from Cytech Europe Ltd.   :   Finger Print Door Locks

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