Hippo Box Solves Home Delivery Dilemma



“Launch of new home delivery system will ease consumer frustration and aid retailers. Giraffe Marketing has launched the Hippo Box; the simplest and most cost-effective solution to the fulfilment problems encountered by retailers as they try to meet the demands of the booming home shopping market. Big enough to hold a weekly grocery shop or four cases of wine, the Hippo Box has a single-action push-button lock which means that any retailer, manufacturer or delivery agent can deposit goods in the box at any time of the day or night.

The Internet shopper is young, independent and in full-time employment which means buying online suits their lifestyles but staying in to receive the goods doesn’t. This barrier leads to frustration for the consumer, while for the retailer it can mean doubling the delivery cost if it takes more than one attempt. Our research indicates that the Hippo Box is the solution people are looking for, they like the concept and its simplicity.” Constructed from steel, the Hippo Box is fitted with a hinged front door, secured by a single-action push-button lock, which requires a key to unlock but not to lock it.

The Hippo Box retails at £189 (including VAT & delivery) and is available through a dedicated call centre which has been set up to handle enquiries, take orders and notify customers about the delivery of their Hippo Box. Customers can email the call centre from the website, and a representative will call them back to take their order. The freephone number to the Hippo Box call centre is 0800 279 9102.”

Hippo Box

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