Innovus Home Automation with Logitech Squeezebox

Innovus Home Automation with Logitech Squeezebox

What do you get if you cross the Logitech Squeezebox Duet with the Innovus Z-Wave House Controller and some custom software?  Home Automation of course!  The new Innovus and Logitech package includes the special Innovus MyHome Plug-in software for the Squeezebox Duet controller.

“Innovus Home Automation and Logitech Squeezebox give you the opportunity to create the perfect atmosphere combining sound and comfort with one elegant remote.  With a Home Automation solution from Innovus , and the Squeezebox™ Duet, you have the ability to control lights, curtains, windows and music. From one remote only. Innovus Home Automation allows you to create light scenes to reflect your daily life.  In this way, it is easy to create just the right mood with just one click when timing is right. With your entire music collection at your fingertips, you also ensure the right atmosphere that also can include the right energy conservation when you leave the music collection.

You can play the numbers located on your computer and listen to thousands of Internetbased radio stations or online services. In addition, you can use the remote, which has a 2.4 “color display and navigate with the scroll wheel to find and select tracks wherever you are in the house.

Innovus House Control – With the INNOVUS House Control combined with the Squeezebox™, you get extraordinary opportunities for full control at your finger tip. From the Squeezebox™ you can both manage all your music, control the light, both in the rooms you stay in, but also in the rest of the house. Press one button and all your lights are set according to your desire, perhaps to enjoy light – when your guests arrive and optimize the savings when they leave. You can turn on your coffee machine from your Squeezebox™ while you are still in bed – possibilities for Home Automation are almost unlimited.”  :  Our Logitech Duet Review

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