Lightwave Reveals New Smart Mini Relay

LightwaveRF L82 Mini Relay

LightwaveRF have introduced the new L82 Mini Relay which promises to bring even more flexibility, control and additional smart features to the their range.

The new relay is Lightwave’s most versatile device yet, and is an installer’s best friend due to the flexibility of where it can be placed and the wide range of uses both in and out of the home. This includes water features, garage doors and lighting circuits operated wirelessly from a Lightwave Smart Dimmer.

The little module fits in a standard 35mm back box and measures just 54 mm x 68 mm x 27 mm. It can be added to any electrical circuit up to 500w offering both On/Off and Open/Stop/Close functions.

That makes it able to control everything from bathroom lights, water pumps and cookers to gates and a great application for this is the signal to drive motorised blinds up and down. It operates ‘volts-free’ giving you on/off control of the device on that circuit without actually controlling the power to the device.

Lightwave also say this is just the first product in an upcoming range of Smart Relays which all connect wirelessly to their Link Plus hub and are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The L82 Mini Relay is available soon for £49.95 from and check out the LightwaveRF range on Amazon.

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  1. So how does L82 differ from its predecessor LW821? Did exactly the same as described about the L82

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