Loxone Reveal New 2nd Generation Miniserver

New 2nd Generation Loxone Miniserver

Ever since 2011 Loxone have build their smart home system around their diminutive but capable Miniserver. But today that hardware has been retired and replaced with upgraded to a brand new second generation device.

We asked Loxone to give us a flavour of the hardware at the heart of the new Miniserver and they told us…

The next-generation Miniserver has a quad-core processor (compared to a single core in the Miniserver Gen.1) with 16x more RAM. These enhancements result in a Miniserver that has 21x more computing power than its predecessor.


Amongst the other welcomed updates for the Gen2 Miniserver is its support for secure https connections and IPv6.

The new server also now has an on-board connection for up to 50 Tree devices. The KNX interface and analogue outputs have moved off-board but can be brought back using Extensions. Loxone say existing installations will remain 100% functional. Today also sees the arrival of Loxone Config, App and OS 10.3

For more information on the new Loxone Miniserver check out the link below.

Loxone 2nd Gen Miniserver


  • 8 Digital Outputs
       – max. 250VAC/10A cosφ=1
       – max. 30VDC/10A
  • 8 Digital Inputs 6VDC … 24VDC
  • 4 Analogue Inputs 0-10V
  • Loxone Link interface (max. 30 Extensions)
  • Loxone Tree interface (max. 50 Tree devices) + Tree Intercommunication
  • LAN Connection (IPv4/IPv6, SSL, 100Mbps)
  • Power supply 19.2VDC … 30VDC (PELV)
  • DIN rail mounting (9 TE)

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