Loxone Valve Actuator Air For Smart Wireless Heating

The Valve Actuator Air is a new wireless radiator motor that works with Loxone’s Air technology.

These modules don’t just turn your boiler on and off, but allow for intelligent temperature control on a room-by-room basis.

That means each zone can be individual set and controlled independently of the other (unlike with a smart thermostat) providing the best opportunity for savings.

The stepper motor in the Valve Actuator Air is described as ‘whisper quiet’ and it has been optimised to ensure a long battery life (up to 2 years).

The Valve Actuator Air isn’t just for heating either, Loxone says it can also be used to control cooling and fan coil units in homes, hotels, offices, schools and shops.

Loxone Valve Actuator Air

Our developers have packed a lot of technology into a small space! The wireless actuator features a high-quality and ultra-quiet stepper motor. The energy consumption of the actuator itself is so low that it can run for up to two years on the same batteries. If you don’t fancy the idea of batteries, the actuator can also be operated by connecting it to a 24V power supply. In addition, there’s an in-built temperature sensor and a button on top of the actuator to assign as you see fit. We think using it as a ‘boost’ button is a good one to go for.

The Loxone Valve Actuator Air is available now for £72 from the link below.

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2 Comments on "Loxone Valve Actuator Air For Smart Wireless Heating"

  1. Whisper quiet…. Sounds good (pardon the pun).
    – My Honeywell HR92’s are a little irritiating from a noise perspective.

  2. Clearly this device is not for saving money.
    At £72 Each the device would probably fail before getting close to recouping the cost of a full house outfit.

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